Composition: Joanna Przybyła

Guest curator: Anda Rottenberg

Project assistant: Katarzyna Lorenc

Recordings include: Benedikt Bindewald (viola), Zoé Cartier (cello), Nathalie Claude (mezzo-soprano), 
Lisa Tjalve (soprano)

Audio mastering: Peter Avar

Sound installation: Ole Brolin

Consulting: Immanuel Rohner



The architecture and space oriented sound installation at Galerie Judin, Berlin


Sound as ArchitectureRotation Hall

Anda Rottenberg


Over the course of several years the Polish artist Joanna Przybyła, who currently resides in Berlin, has been examining the relation between architecture and sound as a new, interdisciplinary field of art.


Referring to the Estonian composer Arvo Pärt’s assumption that already a single sound is music, Przybyła records separate sounds performed on various instruments, and also uses other tones, for example the toll of a bell, to create sound compositions which correspond to selected architecture, and are subsequently tuned to the given space and the way in which the shape of the interior resounds in the process of listening. The first public presentation of her sound sculpture took place in September 2011, in the space of St. Johannes-Evangelist-Kirche in Berlin. From September 13 – October 4, 2015, her sound exhibition was held in the largest hall of the National Museum in Poznań under the title Sound as Architecture. On this occasion the museum published a book in which all the previous achievements of the artist were summarized. The next large scale sound project by Joanna Przybyła is planned for 2017, to be presented in the new building of the Silesian Museum in Katowice. The current presentation consists of the sonic examination of the Rotation Halle, the space of a former printing house.